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Palm IIIc Parts

Palm IIIc Battery
  • Original OEM Battery (Not After Market)
  • New
  • 30Day Warranty
  • 3.6 Volts 1400mAh

  • $59.99Cdn
    Part #: PA1058


    Palm IIIc Complete Screen
  • Original OEM (Not After Market)
  • Complete LCM includes the LCD and Digitizer
  • New!
  • It only works on the IIIc model.

  • $49.99
    Part#: PA1062



    Qty 6 - Palm Universal Sceen Protectors

    These ultra thin, durable screen overlays quickly and easily adhere directly to the screen of your Palm Connected Organizer. Once applied they shield your organizer's very fragile and expensive touch-screen from abrasion, keeping it safe for day use.

    Part#: CL1002



    Palm IIIc Button Set
    Palm IIIc OEM buttons - includes the original button set and the green power button. 

    Part#: PA1059



    Palm IIIc Digitizer (GlassTop)
  • This is a replacement GlassTop for the Palm IIIc Only.
  • If your image comes up fine under the broken glass then 99% of the time all you need is a new digitizer to fix it. Please refer to the direction section before ordering.
  • This digitizer does NOT INCLUDE THE ICONS. You can re-use the icons from your old broken glass top. They are like a sticker.
  • $34.99Cdn
    Part#: PA1063


    New Palm IIIc Motherboard
    New Palm IIIc OEM motherboard with 8MB & OS 3.5

    Part#: PA1068


    New Palm III Series FoldUp Keyboards
    This is the Palm FoldUp Portable Keyboard for the Palm
    III, IIIe, IIIx, IIIxe & IIIc
    only. They are brand new in the box.

    Part#: PA1052



    Palm IIIc Original Cradle & Charger (New)
    New "out-of-the-box" black cradle & Charger for the Palm IIIc Unit only.
    The cradle is a serial cradle and it does include the A/C adapter.

    Part#: PA1064



    Palm III, IIIx, IIIxe, IIIe, IIIc, VII and VIIx Cradle (New)
    New "out-of-the-box" black cradle for the Palm III, IIIx, IIIxe, IIIe, IIIc, VII and VIIx.  Note:  This cradle will work with the Palm IIIc but does not provide battery charging.




    Palm IIIc Auto & Air Charger Kit
  • Mobile & Airplane Charger For Palm IIIc.
    Charge your batteries on the go with the Plug-In Car Charger or plug in airplane adapter.
  • Using any standard cigarette lighter outlet in any vehicle the Plug-In Car Charger will charge your batteries while supplying power to your handheld device.
  • LED light will indicate the status of the charging process and your handheld device can be used while charging via this car charger.
  • Adapter will let you charge your unit on an airplane also.
  • Palm Part Number: 3C10605U

  • $19.99Cdn
    Part#: PA1067


    Palm IIIc OEM Case (NEW)
    NEW Palm IIIc Original Case Plastics
    Included are the following: The front & back plastics only.

    Part#: PA1061



    Palm IIIc OEM Internal Frame with Sync Board  (NEW)
    This is the NEW Palm IIIc internal frame which also includes the Sync and Button Boards

    Part#: PA1065



    Palm IIIc IR Cover & Battery Light Bar  (NEW)
    This includes the IR cover and the light bar.

    Part#: PA1066



    New Palm IIIc Flip Top Cover - Black
    New black flip cover for the Palm IIIc. This will only work on the IIIc unit.
    Part#: PA1356



    Palm IIIc OEM Screws
    You get 4 screws for this OEM case. (2 Sizes x 2)

    Part#: PA1060



    Qty 3 - Palm III Series Plastic Stylus - BLACK

    Black Palm plastic stylus for the III, IIIx, IIIe, IIIxe, IIIc, VII, VIIx, TRGpro and HandEra 330.

    Part#: CL-212-P



    Qty 3 - Palm III Series Metal Stylus (IIIc also)

    OEM metal shaft with plastic ends stylus fits the Palm III, IIIc. IIIx, IIIxe, IIIe, VII and VIIx.
    Part#: CL-212-M


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